Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So there has been some significant progress made in the construction of the studio. I finely finished the framing......after taking apart several walls because I goofed the spacing of the studs. Lesson learned. Always double check for 16" center on the top AND bottom plates....oh and frame your windows in before you you raise the wall.... After framing, I installed one layer of 1/2 inch black tar impregnated sheathing to the top and out side walls and then a layer of 1/2 sheet rock with silicone in between. After all that I nailed some outlet boxes up and some light boxes....and called in some reinforcement.

Sheet Rock and Silicone on the Outside!

Entrance with place for the "In Session" Light above.

Shedding some light on the inside.

Watch and learn.

This is me with my Grandpa Tom who recently moved to OKC from Freedom Maine. My heart was filled with joy to be able to share in working on a project like this with him. He is an amazing guy! He was gracious enough to walk me through the wiring process for the power and lights. We will be adding two new circuits dedicated to the studio to our existing fuse box. One for all the lights and the office equipment and the other for gear and instruments. Today we knocked out wiring all the lights and outlets. When I get the sheet rock up on the inside we will make the runs from the attic to the breaker box. Thanks G-pa Tom!!!!

Okay Chris, run this wire to that light box.

....now tack the wires in place so they are nice and neat.

We make a great team.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Studio Project Update

The final cleaning...

The calm before the storm....

A truck load of lumber....

The Studio is framed!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shelving moved.

Element fits with doors wide open.

Drum kit has very small and isolated spot, closed off from the rest of the studio.

Taping off the walls and door openings.

The next step:

Both the attic access and crawl space access will need to be moved since they are currently located where I plan to build. I have have consulted "the professional," Mr. Suhre, who is a dear friend and master carpenter on the details of the next phase. After the access move comes framing!!!


Friday, October 23, 2009


So I feel like I have got some direction about names this week. I have been frustrated with trying to come up with a name for this instrumental project. After a lot of thought and time spent in a thesaurus and brief web search I thought that I would name the record "Resound". I also figured that my artist name would simply be my name. So on that basis I started this blog. Well the following day. I decided to type in Resound Project in the little Google search bar and found this Resound "downtown music project" an amazing local project..... Here!..... In OKC! What are the odds?!!....... Classic! So I continued my search by typing in Christopher Clark. Well it turns out there are quite a few artists under that same name as well.

Insert lots of frustration!

I almost deleted the blog all together....

So after a couple weeks of thinking through all this, here is what I have come up with

My artist name will officially be:

Sunrise Over Cemeteries.

My Studio name will be (not in stone):

Resound Studio

The Record title is still to be decided.

I will post soon about the inspiration behind name Sunrise Over Cemeteries.

One a more exciting note. It is a tremendous honor to announce that Sunrise Over Cemeteries will be opening for Zach Payne and Brad Kilman on November 6th. Brad Kilman had released a new record, "Mouths Like Trumpets" and this is the official "release show".

More info to come.


So it is official. As of today October 23rd 2009. A dream will continue to take shape. A studio will be built at our home. Thanks to very loving and supportive family, the funds are in place and building will begin.

The tool boxes have been opened.

This is the area in which the new studio will sit.

Most of this is music gear that just gets piled up in the corner. It will soon be set up inside The Resound Studio.

This is the side our Honda will reside. I will also be installing shelving along the upper portion of this wall for storage. The open door leads into our kitchen. The closed door leads to outside.

So the first step is a bit of organizing and finalizing the basic floor plan for the new room. Next comes a trip to the lumber yard and a truck load of 2x4s. Hopefully the framing will begin this week!

I plan to post frequently about the progress.

Lastly, I am on a budget for this project so if anyone has any building materials they are looking to get rid of for a good price or if anyone has any connections for great prices, please let me know.


Sigur Ros "Glosoli"


by Sigur Ros

I love the contemplative morning. I love the foot tapping. I love the boy who leads with a drum. I love the innocent kiss. I love laying down to rest in the midst of fun and adventure. I love the drum rolling down the hill as the children run toward the cliff. I love that they jump. I love that they fly......

We were created for such simple yet profound things.....

I want to lead....

I want to run....

I want to rest.....

I want jump....

I want to fly....